3 Art Pieces that “WOW” a Contemporary Office Space!

In recent days I’ve connected with some amazing artists! I’m big on using art in commercial design. From offices, to hotels, healthcare, and hospitality, art is the crowning touch to any space.

Today, I’ve chosen to feature three Maurice Sapiro’s pieces. All of his work is simply breathtaking, but today I selected his Blue Cloudburst, Venetian Sky, and Last Light to dress up this contemporary, but rather bland and unfinished lobby and work area.

Mr. Sapiro is an award winning mulit-media artist, based in CT, and it’s easy to see why his art is in such demand. Please visit his site to read his full bio and see more of his work.

It’s apparent to me immediately that with the addition of the Mr. Sapiro’s artwork, this space takes on an entirely new life. It goes from “just-another-space”, to a visually interesting, more polished office space.






Art Hanging – Arakawa Hanging Systems

If you’ve got a plethora of art that you’d like to group (salon style) together and you cannot measure or nail straight (like me) you have two choices; hire a professional picture/art hanger (do a google search, you’ll find one or two in your town–your art gallery or framer can recommend someone, too), or you can use one of these handy systems from Arakawa.

In addition to wall-mounting art, the company also offers ceiling mounting and they even have a product designed for Cathedral or shed roofs.

So says the company’s website:

“Arakawa rails make hanging artwork a snap. Wall rails such as our CRE and CRJ are the most common choices, and all you need is the rail clip, cable and hook (or other midway gripper) and you are ready to hang your art. Our products are designed to be minimal and unobtrusive, so that you can show off your artwork, not the hardware that hangs it.”

In this installation, the home owners used the CRB1800-a ceiling and floor railing to hang their eclectic art collection salon style.  The cables, BS1R rail clip and BS23BRSET rail tensioner go unnoticed and the artwork remains the primary focus.

According to my discussions with the company, something like this would cost about $800 in materials (based on a 10′ ceiling) plus, you guessed it, installation. But hey, since most of your work is done for you, all you need to do is attach art clips to the back of your pictures and then fasten these to the cables…easy peesy lemon squeezy, as we say in the industry!

Art Hanging – Arakawa Hanging Systems.