Why Hire Us

You’ve got great taste! You know what colors you like and dislike, you’ve even identified your design style, so why should you hire an interior designer?

Reason #1: Designers Save You Money
In both residential and commercial projects, designers ensure that you purchase durable furniture, fixtures, and finishes that will withstand the test of time. Have you ever bought something in a store or online and once it arrived at home, regretted the buying decision? Was it the wrong “blue”, or maybe it didn’t fit (too big, or too small)? We keep these types of things from happening. Saving your time and money in the process.

Reason# 2: We Ensure The Suitability Of Your Purchases
We spend a lot of our days researching and meeting with vendors in order to stay up-to-date on the best quality goods available. Something might look great in a catalog, but we know if its construction is sturdy, if its fabric will wear well, etc. In turn, we help you select the correct items for the size of your space, the activities of that space, and for the way you live.

Reason #3: We’re Professionally Educated
Just like other professionals you hire to do things you’re probably are not willing to do yourself, we’ve spent years studying and honing our craft. Our education is very technically rigorous, and ongoing, and includes the study of proximetrics, construction practices, construction materials, science and math, as well as fibers and other materials. In addition, we’ve studied building codes and actively promote their use to ensure your long-term safety. This collected knowledge informs all of our decisions, ensuring that mistakes are minimized.

Reason #4: We’re Your Trusted Partner, Your Champion
We are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of our clients. And we take this seriously. We are also fiscally responsible as well. If you’ve got small kids, we design around that. If you or someone you live or work with has special needs, we know how to work that into our design program, seamlessly. We have systems in place to monitor spending, ensure proper installations, and manage a project from start to finish.

So when you’re ready to remodel your existing home, buy a new home, move to a new office space, or update a kid’s bedroom, call us first and let’s sit down and talk about what you’d like to do well before you hit that “purchase” button, or pass your credit card across the counter…you’ll be glad you did.

Design Services Offered

  • New construction, remodeling, room-by-room redesign
  • Tenant improvements
  • Space and furniture planning (residential and commercial)
  • Lighting and acoustic design
  • Interior materials specifications: flooring, paint, tile, fixtures, wall-coverings, art, etc.
  • Customized furniture and retail furniture selections
  • Customized window treatments
  • CAD drawings, elevations and construction administration
  • Hand and computer renderings
  • Art consultations and curation

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