Sparkling Tempe Kitchen Remodel

Earlier in 2013, S Interior Designs hired me to redesign and remodel this well-loved tract home kitchen. The client is a caterer and makes the most delicious chocolate you’ve ever tasted. The kitchen, dining and living room comprise one large room.

We had to two design challenges: create an open kitchen that is cohesive with the other rooms, and use cabinets the homeowner had bought at auction when a Valley store went out of business.

Cabinets had to be resized and fitted to the existing space. The soffit above the range had to be stepped back, and services needed to be moved. We relocated the patio door north and replaced the Arcadia door with French. The kitchen sink was centered below the picture window (ahhhh!). We replaced the sheet linoleum and well-worn broadloom carpet with linear plank porcelain tile, and the sunken living room was poured in level with the dining/kitchen floor height. The client loved the tile we selected so much, that she asked the GC to replace all the flooring throughout the house with this new tile. It looks wonderful! New paint and back splash tile were specified as were countertops (Cosentino’s Eco Black Forest) to complete the new design.

Lastly, this tract home was in great need of an update to its lighting and power. We designed general, decorative, and task lighting and power plans, which brought a final sparkle to this exciting project.

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