1466264_10201783125195325_1666852673_nHi, I’m Tammy Romer, principal designer and owner of Romer Interiors, LLC. I love design, and for more than 25 years I have been designing client marketing and advertising campaigns for small, medium and legacy brands. In 2010, after practicing interior design for myself and friends “on the side”, I decided to take the exciting plunge and specialize full time.

Building on my design graphic design education from Pratt Institute, I graduated from Scottsdale Community College’s nationally recognized Interior Design program with top honors. To deepen my design knowledge in both residential and commercial design, I am presently pursuing a B.S. in Interior Design (with a minor on Art History) at Northern Arizona University, whereby I am honing my expertise further and gaining greater insight into the possibilities of design.

As with marketing, I really love helping clients solve problems. I believe I possess the passion and skills necessary to understand client requirements and wishes and then, working closely with them, interpret those needs by rendering a functional program that exceeds my clients’ expectations.

To me, design isn’t theater, whether I’m working on a residential or commercial project, my job is to bring the client’s personality or brand to life, imbuing the program with their essence and ensuring that every detail expresses that essence in a healthy and safe environment.

When not busy selecting paint colors, furniture and accessories, sketching a perspective, or designing a space plan, I am learning a new software, reading veraciously, spending time with my ‘Wonder Chihuahua’, Sapphire, swimming, traveling, cooking gourmet meals, and discovering new wines with friends.


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