Art: The Finishing Touch for Any Business

After you’ve worked long and hard with your design team to create a functional and inviting commercial space, don’t forget the finishing touch…art work. You can choose from 2- and 3D depending upon the location. I would probably steer clear of the performance art unless you run a

Not sure of what kind of art your space calls for?
Ask a designer! We’re trained to understand your brand and what types of art will express that brand.

Here’s an example of small conference room dying for art! It even has wall-washing recessed lights, but no one thought about what the wall was washing! Silly. I’ve added red blocks to show where the art would go nicely on that washed wall. And then I’ve included some samples of art I’d might choose for this space. If you’ve ever been in a conference room, you know how your mind wanders, so in this case I would pick art that gives the mind something to ponder. It’s amazing how 5 minutes of day dreaming at a piece of art can generate thousands of ideas!

Remember, art is not purchased based upon your paint or furniture colors, art is chosen for its intrinsic value, for its beauty, because it “speaks to you”, because it expresses your company’s brand, mission, vision, culture. Whatever you do, have some fun! Be thought provoking! Dare to be different!






Roula Chreim
Painting Acrylic Size: 66.9 x 82.7 x 2 in

Saatchi Online



River Abstraction No 1, 2011, (IMG_3169) Black and white photograph by Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson


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