Working on a variety of paintings at the same time can be beneficial

Photorealistic painting is very popular and a great way to add art to your home or office walls. Get help creating your own gallery with an Interior Designer…


by Robert Conway

    I have been finding out through years of trial and error that sometimes you are just not going to be able to finish one a painting all in one shot, focusing on completing on a single painting at a time can mire you down towards the end and when this happens I find that it is a healthy thing for your psyche to be working on a few paintings all at the same time. One of the traps I used to fall into in my earlier days was that all my energies would be so focused on one painting it would be like tunnel vision, I would be so driven with the idea of finishing the work I would most of the time get so frustrated and I would eventually end up destroying it due to a sense of urgency to complete it.


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A Bathroom With Character

I love it when homeowners take a chance with bold color. Here, a fresh, white bathroom is grounded by a black ceiling, which unifies the space along with the grey and black tile grout. The industrial ceiling fixture adds even more character. I’m a big fan of taking tile up to the ceiling, it adds height and grandeur to an utilitarian room. A delicate glass shelf adds storage and visual interest. The only thing I’d change? I’d replace the white shower curtain with a geometric print, maybe an Ikat, or other contemporary stripe. Overall, this room gets an “A” grade for style.




Image: Apartment Therapy

Trays–Design Interest and Organization

We love trays, too! Practical and decorative…cannot get enough of them.

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We love trays!  They are fabulous in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and in living and family rooms.  They add color, texture and provide a great way to organize your loose items, group decorative items and protect surfaces.

Options are almost endless.  From mirrored to painted to textures and metals.  Prices range from a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars.  Suffice it to say, there is a tray option for every space, every style and every budget.


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