New Baby? 5 Design Ideas to Ensure You and Your Baby Get Enough Sleep

Today’s nurseries are no longer sterile utilitarian rooms. Smart design incorporates the parent’s design aesthetic with safety and functionality.

A lot happens in this special room…sleeping…feeding…playing…clothing changes…storage…reading…pacing…feeding…playing…clothing changes…storage…reading…pacing…you get the idea…

So how do you create an appealing room design that will help your baby sleep soundly night after night?

Layout Matters…

Where you place furniture and objects in the nursery matters a great deal. Below is a floor plan we put together that shows the ideal placement. Baby experts and designers agree, that you never want to place a crib in front of a window. It’s important that you have ample, yet accessible clearances between elements so you can access things quickly and without obstruction. As baby grows, this will ensure things are placed with safety in mind.


Don’t Forget the Seating…

While traditional rockers may fit with your Arts and Crafts design aesthetic, you might find that sitting on one of these, even with an after market cushion, very, very uncomfortable. We suggest you purchase a proper upholstered chair that glides and swivels so you can maximize the chair’s adjustments as needed by you and baby, not the other way around. Make sure you do the “sit test” and when you do, sit like you would while feeding or burping baby. Make sure the arms are not too high or too low, and that there are no obstructions behind your head that might interfere with baby’s head.


Who sleeps in here anyhow…

If room allows, add a single bed to the room so on fussy nights, or if baby picks up a cold, you can sleep feet away from baby and respond quicker. Later, you can remove the bed and then when baby is ready for a “big-girl bed”, you can return it.

You Light Up My Life…

Ensure you have plenty of light for things like changing (and changing and changing and changing of baby outfits), night time diaper changes, reading, sleeping, and organizing. Take a look inside the room now and ask yourself, “are there 3 layers of light present?” If not, you may want to ask your friendly interior designer to help you create a general lighting layer to help you achieve every day tasks, a task lighting layer, for more detailed activities like changing (and changing and changing), and then a decorative or focal layer (which can also be used a nighttime lighting) to highlight something special (besides baby) in the room. Also, check the daytime light levels? Do you need new functional window treatments to control brightness during the day to help baby sleep? Again, all things your interior designer can help you with.


It’s Hot in Here…

Heating, cooling and ventilation are just as important to baby’s room as other rooms in the house. Often, parents forget about this or assume baby’s room needs to be on the warmer side. Not so says our expert. And especially if you swaddle. So before baby comes home, make sure your HVAC is serviced. Ensure that the ducts leading to baby’s room are functioning and clean. We don’t recommend placing baby’s crib under a vent opening. If this is unavoidable, there are some after market vent covers and diverters that can direct the hot and cool air away from baby. If the nursery faces East or West, we suggest you invest in functional window treatments that both block and filter the extremes of light and heat.


Having a baby is the most amazing experience in your life. Getting enough sleep after baby comes is crucial for YOU and baby. Following these five simple steps will help you and baby get the restful sleep you need.

Need Help? For help designing the perfect nursery, you can give me a call. I can work with you locally or long-distance.



5 thoughts on “New Baby? 5 Design Ideas to Ensure You and Your Baby Get Enough Sleep

  1. I really like the idea of having a single bed in the nursery. I had never actually thought of that. Guess I have some planning and decorating to do… before my baby arrives. Thanks for the tips Tammy. Great article!

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