Taste Maker: Top 3 Bedding Ensembles from this Years’ HTT

Confession: I’m not a bed maker. Never have been, never will be. I have friends and clients who cannot sleep at night knowing they’re getting into an unmade bed (you know who you are..). As my Auntie Joyce says, “I’m airing the bed out.” —she’s not a bed maker either, but she is a groover.

Still, when I see new ready-made bedding ensembles I cannot help but feel positive that one day I may join the “in” crowd and make my bed. Here are my top three picks from this years’ HTT Global Home Show.



From Dea USA comes Monet Bouquet. Available in quilted coverlets duvet covers, and shams. Dea offers this set in sateen and in 30 color ways. I love the idea of sleeping on or surrounded by art. And Monet is one of my favorite artists.

chandaproduct_thumbLove, love, love BlissLiving Home’s Chanda Duvet Set. This is a two-for-one gem. The 100% cotton duvet includes an oversized medallion and hand embroidery in bronze and merlot (has anyone else been seeing a lot of merlot and cabernet in linens?). The reverse features a geometric pattern of coral and vanilla. I think this set adds a bit of the exotic to any room without being to heavy-handed.



Bellino Fine Linens is introducing Orchid this year. This fine Italian manufacturer is known for its luxurious linens. Orchid is from the yarn-dyed jacquard collection. Using long-staple Egyptian cotton, this collection features 600 thread-count Italian sateen. I especially love the color palette  gray, rose and sage. I’m seeing and using more gray this year in interiors…I think it’s the new “black”. Or in Arizona’s case, the new beige.



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