The Great Outdoors: Choosing the Right Fabrics

Restoration Hardware is offering this comfy-looking outdoor seating in 4 finishes, 2 seating depths and 68 fabrics.

It’s important to ensure, no matter where you live (but especially in severe climates-like here in Arizona), you choose an fabric especially rated for outdoor use. There are many to choose from. We like Sunbrella and Kravet, but you can also find Waverly fabrics rated for the outdoors, as well as others.

Always follow manufacturer’s care instructions (wiping down with a damp cloth, vacuum regularly etc., etc.) to extend the life of your fabric. And when not in use, it’s best to cover your furniture to keep out unwanted guests and to help your fabric last even longer.

If you cannot find a fabric that coordinates with you existing design aesthetic, have no fear. We interior designers have access to thousands of outdoor fabrics and professional workrooms that can recover any outdoor seating in almost any outdoor fabric. In this way, you can coordinate your outdoors to your overall design.



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