Victorian feel, perhaps echoing William Morris

We’ve been busy of late and have slacked off writing our blog….sorry to all of our die-hard fans (and there are 2 of you!). Here’s a new blog about fabric. I love fabric and would really love to take a few classes on textile design. Maybe in my next educational career…I’m gettin’ kinda old for this school stuff!


 This Victorian fabric an explosion of pattern, visual texture (perhaps tactile as well) and rhythm. Radiating geometric shapes contain varied colored patterns, which contribute to the overall green color of this fabric and add visual interest. The radiating geometric shapes are within proportion to one another. The smallest shape inside the larger arches creates a focal point for each grouping. Despite the difference in patterns used, there is the presence of rhythm by repetition, gradation, alternation, progression, transition, contrast, and even radiation! Wow!

Proportionally, the parts of the fabric are similar and create a harmonic whole. There is variety and unity created by the shape or forms and the patterns that fill those forms. The fabric is symmetrical and the repetitive use of the similar shapes adds to that symmetry. This fabric gives off the visual feeling of texture and the semi-circle lines add movement and interest. There is only positive spaced used in this fabric, nothing goes without decoration, pattern or color. The fabric has a heavy Victorian feel, perhaps echoing William Morris in design. You could use this in a dining room, study, or ideally in a solarium.


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