4 Accessories that’ll Give you that Green Thumb Look

It’s really hot here! Really hot! Last week it was 112 degrees. My Oleander outside my patio is barely hanging on even with our condo’s drip irrigation system. I’m saving left over doggie water to water my patio cacti. It’s dry and hot. Did I tell you that I cannot keep plants alive? No matter what the month. Even during the less extreme months I don’t have a green thumb. The only reason my cacti are alive is that they don’t need water!

Because of my lack of agricultural prowess and our lovely heat here in Arizona, I love silk and preserved plants and flowers for indoor and in some cases outdoor uses. Accessorizing with plants can really finish off a room. Here are four great examples of artificial or preserved flowers and plants, bursting with color, that can bring warmth and visual interest to your home.

This square copper pot arrangement measures 13″ x 13″ and includes a center bunch of preserved clover surrounded by protea yellow and hydrangea basil. It retails for about $200, is virtually carefree…just blow dry to remove dust (on low and no heat).  Check the web for pricing. This would make a great addition to a vanity or makeup table, or even on a sideboard.

A dining room isn’t complete without some type of centerpiece. In this traditional dining room, Design One has created an elegant and formal arrangement with a great combination of silk greens and preserved flowers. The proportions are perfect for this size room and table. The added wisps extending from the center of the piece adds visual interest and movement. Remember it doesn’t have to be elaborate or over-the-top expensive to be elegant!

Got an Asian themed room? Go Bonsai! This preserved bonsai tree is small enough to fit upon a shelf, about 18″ T, and wide enough to make a statement. Order two and have them flank a piece of statuary to create a symmetrical vignette. No watering needed. Just remove from box and Viola! You have instant greenery, year-round, regardless of the heat, lack of sun or water!

Pretty, elegant, and oh, so feminine! Nothing says timeless elegance more than simple roses. This arrangement consists of preserved pink roses and lime slices. The soft pink with the two shades of green are really stunning, don’t you think? I could see these on a side table next to an over-stuffed reading chair, on the nightstand, or even on the bath deck surrounding your deep, luxurious soaking tub.

So if you’re looking to finish off the room and aren’t sure what’s missing, it could be greenery. Too hot where your live? You don’t have a green thumb? Just want something low maintenance? Then preserved or silk plants and flowers may be just what you’re looking fore.

If you need help accessorizing, send me an email and I’d be glad to help you out.


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