Running Up the Wall

Last week, when I was on vacation in sunny, but muggy South Carolina, I got caught up on my interior design reading. I found these amazing tiles in Elle Decor. They jumped off the page like a group of jewels.


Made by New Ravenna Mosaics, America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial installations, these handmade mosaic tiles mimic the artistry of parquetry. Available in 72 types of stone, and 50 glass colors, my favorite is this Tortoise Shell, which is best applied to wall surfaces, though other materials are perfect for floor and medallion applications.


These are custom tiles, so they’re available in practically any size. May be on the pricy side, these gems will run retail around $100 a sq foot. Depending upon your budget, you may choose to use these as an accent wall, a wainscoting, or if you’ve got a healthy budget, maybe even as a full wet room.

To see more colors and delicious tiles visit


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